Cabaret - Burlesque

image: Jan Fels

Inspired by the biggest cabaret in Paris, Adèle is performing and teaching Cabaret on her own creation with the little french touch she like to keep.

Neo Burlesque is for her a freedom, a feminist way to take possession of your body and sexuality. Throught engaged performances and a body celebration, Burlesque is motor of selfacceptation with class, glamour and glitters.


- Fiddle Spell -

8 minutes

Two women and one violin A duet where charm and passion intertwine. A violin on stage, animates the bodies, numbs the minds. A carnal hypnosis. In the manner of the snake charmer, the violinist will give life to the body, make it move, take possession of it to bring it into an uncontrollable madness. It creates an urgency to get rid of all clothes, makes us travel to reborn from a sensual dream. Alternating between a wild duality and moments of pure complicity, this act renews the genre of Neo Burlesque by a collaboration that will not fail to seduce you. .

- One for the road -

4 minutes

Presenting a glimpse into universe of burlesque drink and dance. Under her influence, exhilarate your senses and imbibe the dance. She toast an insolent drink to your health. Untameable charme and balance with a shot of arroganceA performance with the flavor of free, to be enjoyed without moderation.


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